How Different Kinds of Lights Affect your Homes and Life

Ever wondered why you instantly shut your eyes down when a blazing light strikes you? Or why do you enjoy a sound sleep in the dark as compared to lightened room?

Because that's how it is, lighting plays a more important role in our life than it seems to. Poor lighting can even affect your productivity level. But before we get into its depth, here are some terms that you need to know about.

Lux and Lumen:

To put it simply, Lux and Lumen are the units of measurements we use to describe the amount of visible light to the human eye.

These units will make it easier for you to know how much light intensity is required in specific areas of your house.

Types of Light:

Want to know how lighting affects your mood and the environment of your home? Here are some kinds of lights and the most suitable places for you to install them in your house.

●       Bright Lights:

Bright lights can help improve your focus and stay more alert. Though most of the time, people don't appreciate working in direct contact with sharp, bright light but to be honest, the fact is that bright lighting stimulates your brain and keeps you more steady and active throughout your work. Use bright lights in your study or your workplace to start more focused.

Average 300 lux intensity is recommended for office environments, classrooms, or any study area you've built in your house.

●       Dim Lights :

Our brain has pineal glands that secrete melatonin to promote sleep. The dark atmosphere stimulates this gland to help improve the quality of your sleep time and improve your sleep-wake cycle. Consider using dull lights in bedrooms.

100-300 lux intensity is suitable for adult bedrooms and 500 lux for children.

●       Task Lighting :

Task lighting allows you to better focus on your task even if you're working in your kitchen or reading in your bed. Adding lights to mirrors, tables, nightstands, and desks can help you subtle well-lit areas. General lighting intensity for bathrooms and living room is 300 lux.

So have we got this straight? Different kinds of light will have different impacts on your mood, and using different types of lights gives your house different looks.

Still not convinced? Try using lights of multiple colors to give a nice touch to your decor. Using solar lamps can also refine the style of your house and give it a more classy and luxurious look. But don't forget to make ways for natural light because nothing replaces the quality effect of nature.

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